We offer audit and research services for advertising media to assist our clients in ensuring their advertising contracts and campaigns are properly fulfilled and executed. We also provide custom research and verification for ad metrics, brand and ad insights, and competitor/sector advertising analysis.

Our clients often include major advertisers, advertising agencies, and outdoor media owners. For more information about the services we offer, please click the appropriate link below to learn more:

(1) Pre-Buy Ad Intel
(2) Post-Buy Ad Audit & Research
(3) Brand & Advertising Insights
(4) Ad Metric Verification
(5) Competitor & Sector Analysis
(6) Advertising Billing Compliance

Our process typically entails discussing with the client their needs, developing a strategic and cost-effective plan to meet our clients’ goals, executing the plan by utilizing our field professionals to conduct an audit and collect data, analyzing the gathered data and intelligence by our in-house team, researching and preparing a report, sending it to the client and following through with any questions or further needs. Turnaround time for our final reports can vary from as little as 24 hours to a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the services required.

Our field professionals and in house team primarily focus on advertising and media within Southern California, specializing in Los Angeles County and its surrounding areas. We can often accommodate requests for analysis and research of advertising in other areas of the United States, provided the work can be conducted remotely.

If you would like more information and/or are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your needs as well as pricing. As always, we will be more than happy to provide our services complimentary for the client’s first business with us, so you can not only get a better idea of what we provide, but also have peace of mind. We will gladly accommodate special requests for services not listed – please just inquire to let us know.

Thank you for visiting and we wish you luck in your search.

Please Note: We cannot provide our audit and research services to both the ad buyer and ad seller of the same advertising media, display, promotion, event, etc. due to obvious conflict of interest, legal issues, and moral implications. We aim to provide as unbiased, accurate, and definitive audits and research as possible.


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